Lung Ventilation
BA2001 GA-EL O-lineŽ
Emergency and Transport Ventilator
BA2001 GA-EL O-lineŽ
The GA-EL, suitable for the emergency vehicles application and at hospital has the integrated PEEP regulation very useful for some particular breathing disease.
It has a complete set of ventilation modes and acoustic and visual alarms to assure the safety of patient.
It is easy and friendly to use.
Spare parts
BA297-CA01 BA297-CA01
Line Cord
BA297-02-AF BA297-02-AF
Oxygen Hose.
BA206-LK1 BA206-LK1
Wall support.
BA297-PS BA297-PS
Power supply / battery recharger
BA206-RL BA206-RL
Wall coupler.
BA206-HK BA206-HK
Coupler Device.
BA206-PL BA206-PL
Inox Stand.
BA297-CP/P BA297-CP/P
Patient Circuit - Reusable.
BA297-CP/D BA297-CP/D
Disposable Patient Circuit - Standard
BA297-CP-15-D BA297-CP-15-D
Long Patient Circuit Disposable.
BA206-TL BA206-TL
Test Lung
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