Lung Ventilation
BA2001 MA-EL O-lineŽ
Emergency and Transport Ventilator.
BA2001 MA-EL O-lineŽ
It is the entry level model of the BA2001 family.
It is very easy and friendly to use.
Suitable for the emergency vehicles application it can be used also at hospital for the emergency ventilation support and for the patient transport.
It has a complete set of ventilation modes and alarms to assure the safety of patient..
It can be equipped with the optional Oxygen Module (Inhaler).
Spare parts
BA297-CA01 BA297-CA01
Line Cord
BA297-02-AF BA297-02-AF
Oxygen Hose.
BA206-LK1 BA206-LK1
Wall support.
BA297-PS BA297-PS
Power supply / battery recharger
BA206-RL BA206-RL
Wall coupler.
BA206-HK BA206-HK
Coupler Device.
BA206-PL BA206-PL
Inox Stand.
BA297-CP/P BA297-CP/P
Patient Circuit - Reusable.
BA297-CP/D BA297-CP/D
Disposable Patient Circuit - Standard
BA297-CP-15-D BA297-CP-15-D
Long Patient Circuit Disposable.
BA206-TL BA206-TL
Test Lung
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